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Go for gold with golden population

Vietnam will face challenges if it does not make the most of its golden population structure. To ensure future development, human resources or talent...

The scarcity of skilled workers

In 2016, I traveled to Truong Sa Islands for 10 days onboard the modern fisheries surveillance ship KN490. I chatted with the technical personnel...

Everyone getting rich except farmers

Agriculture is the strength of the Mekong Delta. However, the large gap in living standards and employment opportunities between the agricultural and industrial sectors...

Vietnam’s manufacturing sector sees sharper rises in output in Jan

HCMC - Growth momentum picked up in the Vietnamese manufacturing sector in January as the recovery from the Delta wave of the Covid-19 pandemic continued,...

Vietnam sees employment uptick after six months of decline

HCMC - The Vietnamese manufacturing sector continued to grow at a solid pace in December 2021 and saw job creation resume following a six-month...

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