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How can they do without gatherings?

HCMC - Organizing social events is seen as an interesting business. Like other sectors, the business has felt the impact of the raging Covid-19...

What if the pandemic is not over anytime soon?

They have had to scale down their operations, with salaries cut and employees laid off, to survive the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. What will they...

To where the tourism industry will go?

Tourism is an important sector in the economy. But it is now feeling the worst impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic. Destinations have turned quiet...

In what way would the real estate market develop in the Covid-19 pandemic?

Why does the housing price keep rising? How could developers sell their products in the Covid-19 pandemic? Should investors use financial leverage during this...

An English man on his journey in Vietnam

Over 30 years ago, an English man came to Vietnam as a traveler. Several years later, he initiated an educational program for poor children....

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